Hunt Supporters Club

The Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt Supporters Club works tirelessly in raising money for the hunt by organising a wide range of fund-raising activities throughout the year such as Fun Rides, the Terrier, Lurcher and Companion Dog Show, the Kennels Open Day and a variety of social events.

It is run by a committee of volunteers. By becoming a member of the Supporters Club, you can support the hunt and benefit from regular newsletters, information, great social events and a range of merchandise.

The Supporters Club always needs help with the events it organises and relies heavily on volunteers. If you would like to join and/or get involved in any way, please contact Rachael Morley (Secretary).

 Chairman  Mr Guido Basile Tel: 07734 005508 
 Honorary Secretary Miss Rachael Morley Tel: 07889 083194