Tumblers Club


The Tumblers Club collected £350 last season, which was presented to the Air Ambulance at the Point-to-Point.  If everyone coughs up, we will have raised much more this season - are there more tumblers or just more tumbles reported? 

The fine is £5 a fall (horse and/or rider) which is all donated to Air Ambulance. The tumblers club is an exclusive society, only for those who have hit the ground involuntarily while in pursuit.  All taken in good spirit for an excellent organisation.  There is is no shame in hitting the deck - it happens to everyone, often the ones that are daring - it’s just a part of the game and often entertaining!

Alex Moore – 07557 234905 AlexM@jupitermarketingltd.com- is ‘chief monitor’ and fund collector.  Details of the falls that have been reported since opening meet are shown - if someone has parted company with their horse and it's not recorded below, or they’ve tried to keep it quiet; please do the decent thing!  On this occasion we welcome snitches so make sure you report back either to Louise Moore or to Alex.  Make it as colourful as you like and there will be a prize for the best fall and for the best description at the end of the season.  If anyone has photographic evidence, please share with Alex.  Happy hunting and softlandings!  Presentations will be made at the Roughing Off Party at the end of the season.

Awards 2016-17

  1. Champion Tumbler – Stephen Palmer with 6 falls. He had 6 falls up to Boxing Day and despite not falling since he has remained at the top of the league
  2. Runner Up Tumbler - Kieron Lomax with 5 falls. Kieron had a fall early on at the final meet and was a bit worried because he wanted to “keep one in the bag for going across Boothay” – luckily he sat tight so stayed on 5 falls
  3. Young Tumbler of the Year - Jemima Blunt had two falls in one day at Dunstall, on the second fall her pony pecked on landing after jumping their biggest ever jump. She remounted and jumped it again. Big thumbs up!! 
  4. Best description of a tumble – goes to Phil Colquhoun for his description of Johnny Froggatt’s tumble – “Johnny missed a day off school as he was rather too ill to go. He then hosted the Meet with his Grandfather, while his father disappeared shooting. Johnny, being a daring jockey, attacked every jump that was to be had, unfortunately failed at his own tiger trap... He then got picked up and jumped on Phil Colquhoun's horse with him while they then rode off to find his pony - a memorable fall!
  5. Tumble – Best sequence of images – Dag Albert. Erica Byrne took loads of photos and said "Dag was trying desperately hard to avoid being decanted into the pool – and very nearly made it to dry ground but not quite! We all watched in amazement."

To see all tumblers and the League Table, scroll to the end of the spreadsheet below:

Paid upfront:
Richard Parrott  £5
Chrissy Blunt £5