We like to extend a warm welcome to visitors (both from other packs, and those new to hunting) and new subscribers. Hunting 2 days a week, there’s always a day to suit – from Novice to Thruster! There are many flexible packages for subscriptions, including some great value introductory options and extremely competitive subscription rates, especially for the under 30s. Plus competitive rates for day visitors. For full details please email or use the Contact Us page.

Each season we have a number of "Blue Days" - these are intended to be ‘easy access’ days when there will be an extra Field Master out who will accompany those who would prefer a less challenging route round the country. For information on all meets please email or use the Contact Us page.

When planning your first day, please get in touch with the Hunt Secretary or one of the Masters to find out which meets are suitable for you. Have fun, that's what you are there for, and we want you to enjoy yourself and come back again. Remember, we all had a "First Time" so if in doubt don't be afraid to ask.

Autumn hunting is an ideal way to introduce yourself and your horse to riding to hounds. It is also an excellent way of introducing young horses to hounds. Most of the days are fairly steady, some days having a few jumps, so it’s a good way of getting your horse and yourself fit especially if you wish to participate in the main hunting season. Autumn hunting usually begins early September and continues to the last week of October, when the Opening Meet takes place. The autumn hunting days usually start at dawn for about 2-3 hours, or occasionally from mid afternoon until dusk.

We accept that if you have never hunted before the first venture will be a bit daunting, so to help you we have produced the information on the pages that can be reached by following the links below as a guide: