Helping Farmers Affected by the Floods

Post date: Feb 14, 2014 5:24:52 PM

We have spoken to the NFU to see how we can best help the farmers in Somerset. They are looking for pledges of fodder for the coming weeks as they have enough for the very short term. We plan to get some pledges of fodder for when it is needed in the next few weeks, which can be delivered to a central location and then transported from there to the affected areas. If you would like to make a pledge please contact one of the Masters - details are available on the Who's Who page.

In the meantime we will take collections at each meet for the Addington Fund. They are taking donations to help farmers affected by the floods and these will be held in a Restricted Fund, which will be used solely for the purpose of supporting farming families on the Levels. If you would like to make a donation direct to the Addington Fund - click here to go to their donations page.