Post date: May 1, 2015 10:35:22 PM

We are now less than a week away from the General Election and are calling on everyone to make one final effort. There are only a few days left but they are days that can make a huge difference to the result. ‘Floating’ voters have still not made up their minds, and they are the ones who will affect the result in marginal seats, and it is in those seats, where every vote will count, that we are having the most effect. Everybody’s circumstances are different but we all enjoy at least two things in common, The Meynell Hunt and the Sport of Hunting. Both these are special and worth fighting for so please can we ask that you all get involved between now and next Thursday night. There is something to do every day and especially next Thursday itself.

  • To those that have helped already; VERY many thanks and PLEASE can you give a bit more
  • To those that have been unable to help thus far; now is your chance! PLEASE contact Charlie Moore – 07764 255500 or - and see what you can do.