Sixpence and Saddler

Post date: Dec 13, 2016 8:04:21 PM

For those of you not following the antics of Sixpence and Saddler on the Hunt Facebook page, we would like to give you a quick update. A few years back Andy Bull and Richard Hingley walked Sawdust and Sapling back to kennels, after 5 months at walk, 14 miles in as true a hunting line as the country allowed. Mary and Richard are currently walking a son and daughter of Sawdust’s and will be tapping you all up for a tenner’s worth of sponsorship. The intention is to raise enough to pay for the concrete, in front of the fridge unit that Sawdust and Sapling paid for. To create more interest two very generous sponsors, Brocklehursts of Bakewell, and Daniel Crane, have between them donated four raffle prizes with a total value in excess of £700. Each £10 go at sponsoring automatically puts you in the raffle, so feel free to have as many goes as you like! The walk will take place on Sun 15 Jan, arriving at the Rose and Crown, Boylestone around 2.30pm. We have chosen this day so we can all give a proper Meynell ‘thank you ‘and farewell to all the Woolley family, who will sadly be leaving that marvellous sporting hostelry not long after. We are delighted that Louise Moore, in a moment of ‘Prosecconess’, paid a considerable sum at the Hunt Ball for the dubious privilege of walking with us. We are looking forward to her company.

As Sixpence and Saddler have said on Facebook, if you want to see their Grand pups out Hunting it will only be thanks to little ventures like this. There is not a Hunt in the country which can run on subscription alone.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

Andy and Richard.